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ShipDunia connects people who want to get or ship something with travelers and commuters.

It can be (almost) anything from/to anywhere across any distance (International, domestic or local)



Through our ever increasing community of users, ShipDunia allows users to:

1.    List your shipment on and find a traveler to carry your shipment.

2.    Award a bid and make arrangement for your shipment pick up either by a face-to-face pickup or mail the package to the traveler.

3.    Watch for the delivery notification and release payment.



 ShipDunia gives the user the opportunity to earn cash by

1.    Listing your trip on and bid for a shipment,

2.    Make arrangement to collect the shipment by either arranging a face-to-face pickup or collect the package through the mail.

3.   Travel, deliver and get paid.


ShipDunia makes it possible for users to come across a new way to deliver their wares to their desired destination with relative ease by allowing them to meet a "local" on a long distance journey to their chosen destination with a rare opportunity to make some money.


Mode of Payment

Once the recipient notifies the Owner that the package has been successfully delivered, the Owner performs the following actions to allow ShipDunia to release payment to the Traveler:

  • Update the shipment status to “Delivered”
  • Request to release payment to the Traveler          
  • Upon the Owner’s request to release payment, ShipDunia releases the bid award amount accepted by the Traveler.


What are the payment methods accepted by ShipDunia?

ShipDunia ePay

The financial transactions performed on our platform are processed by the ShipDunia ePay secured payment solutions. The payment methods that are accepted include credit and debit card, PayPal, direct deposit, international wire transfer, and mobile payment in countries where it applies. The following tables summarize the payment methods accepted by ShipDunia, including the average processing time.

Payment Methods

Processing time


1 business day

ACH / Direct deposit

3 business days

International Wire Transfer

3-7 business days

Mobile payment

1 business day









The table below summarizes the fees incurred to transactions related to the different payment methods accepted by ShipDunia:

Transaction types


payment made with Credit Card, PayPal

$xx USD + xx%


Payment made through ACH/Direct deposit


Payment made through international Wire Transfer

$10.00 USD




1.    Can I trust a traveler?

To guide your package and money, no payment will be released to the traveler unless the package is successfully delivered. Also, ShipDunia conducts on a regular basis, sample screening and background checks to ensure travelers awarded shipment bids have clean records with no criminal background. We want to ensure your valuables are put in good hands and ultimately increase our delivery success rate. In addition, every traveler provides identification information to accept any bid award. ShipDunia may undertake actions to collect any undelivered shipment from the traveler. Conclusively, ShipDunia provides insurance options to cover any event of theft, damage, or loss of package.


2.    How do I communicate with a traveler?

ShipDunia is a worldwide community that depends on traveler and shipper communication. In order to ensure that you get the item shipped successfully, you will need to communicate with your traveler at times in the buying process. Here are some tips on how to ensure you and the traveler have a seamless experience:

•    Start a bid for your shipment on our website, and award the bid to your most favorable traveler.

•    Organize an open place package pick up or through the mail.

•    The traveler communicates with you after your delivery is made through the same portal used for bidding.


3.    What kind of package can I send for shipping through ShipDunia?

Just about anything can be shipped, so long it fits into the traveler's baggage and your delivery destination matches that of the traveler. Remember, with ShipDunia, you are connecting with a real person who will deliver your item to your chosen city. Unlike shipping and courier companies, our travelers need to be able to fit your item into their luggage. You also should not order any item that is illegal in your country as well as the delivery country especially for bids from one country to the other. Travelers are advised to properly check the packages very well to be sure it is not a contraband you are shipping unknowingly.


4.    What if my package arrived broken, damaged or stolen?

If the package gets damaged, broken or lost throughout the trip, the traveler shall update the package status to lost/stolen and notify the package owner. We encourage the traveler to upload any police report or airline lost luggage claim form providing more details on the circumstances of the theft or loss. Should you need further clarifications, please contact the ShipDunia Customer Service. The package Owner may then file a claim for insurance, if relevant. If the package gets damaged throughout the trip, the traveler shall notify the package Owner. Please upload as soon as possible pictures of the damaged items, including any airline, damaged luggage claim form and a description of the circumstances under which the damaged happened. The package Owner may then file a claim for insurance, if relevant.


5.   What if the Shipment Recipient is unreachable?

If the Shipment recipient does not show up or is unreachable, the Traveler shall hold the package and promptly notify the Package Owner through the ShipDunia platform. The Package Owner shall advise how to deliver the package.


6.    Is my banking information kept private?  

Yes, after you enter your payment details, this information is transmitted directly to our payment processor. All our users' information is kept as highly confidential as possible and as such, you have nothing to fear.


For more information or you need further help, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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