How It Works

You want to ship a package or you are planning a trip somewhere, domestic or international and you want to earn some money with your free luggage space, then, follow these simple and easy steps:

I am a Shipment Owner (Shipper)?

1.    List your shipment on and find a traveler to carry your shipment.

2.    Award a bid and make arrangement for your shipment pick up either by a face-to-face pickup or mail the package to the traveler.

3.    Watch for the delivery notification and release payment.

It is very easy and simple.



I am A Traveler?

1.    List your trip on and bid for a shipment

2.    Make arrangement to collect the shipment by either arranging a face-to-face pickup or collect the package through the mail.

3.    Travel, deliver and get paid.

It is that simple and easy …….



Ship  Easy and Faster | Travel and Get Paid


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