What Is ShipDunia



I am traveling with an airline with a maximum baggage opportunity to take 50 pound loads and all I have to carry with me is just 10 pounds luggage, what if I add the remaining 40 pound from another person to be delivered in exchange for cash? A fair deal if you ask me.


I am traveling in my car with an empty trunk. What if I get people to give their luggage to me to be delivered for them and they pay me cash which may compensate for my fuel charges, hotel room accommodation at my destination or even some extra cash to have fun? Another laudable idea if I must confess.


I wish to deliver the extra luggage and packages not in exchange for personal cash but in exchange for support for a humanitarian course or even to connect a new friend or meeting new faces. Am sure the world will be a better place.



ShipDunia is a web platform and an app (App Store and Google play) that works perfectly connected computers and mobile devices to connect people willing to carry and deliver packages while they are on a road trip or traveling around the world.

The Package Owner and the Traveler freely negotiate a shipping agreement allowing the Traveler to carry and deliver the package on time.

ShipDunia endeavours to insert a small folder wherever room is available in any traveler's briefcase or a package in any traveler's suitcase or car trunk to connect and serve people and develop trust, commitment and friendship around the globe.

Log on to ShipDunia today and discover another fantastically easy and simple way to make some cool cash for yourself while seeing the world, talk about killing two or more birds with a stone.  



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